Marijuana Edible Drinks Are Here With Us

As early as third millennium, marijuana was in use. Smoking marijuana is one of the oldest means of inducing it into our body system. However, as time has progressed and fast forward to today, in the 21st century there are now more ways of consuming this commodity than just smoking. One of these ways is through edible drinks. Yes; that tea, soda or coffee cup you like to enjoy so much can be used to carry the drug into your blood stream and produce effects similar to those produced by smoking marijuana.

It is important to note that the effects of drinking marijuana edible drinks is no different from that of eating foods infused with tetrahydrocannanibol (THC) .

Advantages of marijuana edible drinks

  1. Source of alternative route

Routine is very boring to some people and trying new things is quite thrilling and adventurous to them. Smoking marijuana has been the traditional route and norm and may be boring to certain people hence; edible drinks provide an alternative to smoking , or eating marijuana in food.

  1. Portability and potency

Drinks are easily portable from place to place as they are packed in small pocket and back-pack size bottles.  This means that someone can carry as many drinks as they can and store it at their homes for convenient access. Additionally, edible drinks tend to dilute the potency of the drug in relation to food edibles but the effects last as longer as it is with food edibles.

  1. Safer and less Pollution:

Health risks associated with smoking such as respiratory problems including but not limited to,  risk to Pulmonary TB and lung disease, are not of concern for people who use drink edibles. Again, there is no second hand residue in drink edible as observed when smoking marijuana. Air pollution is absent from this marijuana type of edible but haphazard disposal of bottles and cans used in their packaging can result in land and water pollution. The good news however is, bottles can be recycled hence when used responsible, and they would not be a major course of pollution concern. Tea and coffee is mostly home-made and served in home and hotel or restaurant cups which are not disposable hence more environment friendly.


Marijuana edible drinks can be customized to satisfy the needs of the user as desired. For instance those who want to stay woke and keep working, sativa infused drinks are helpful for them while to those who feel too tired and want to sit back and take it easy indica infused drinks are suitable.

Signs and symptoms of edible drink overdose

Using large amounts of marijuana from a leading online dispensary than intended may lead to unintended consequences. Depending on the strain of marijuana infused in edible drinks, signs of overdose include over-paranoia, mental concussion, hallucination, panic attack, euphoria, increased heart beat rate which puts one at risk of heart attack among others.


Edible drinks are just another cool way of ingesting marijuana. One should be careful not to drink too many cups or bottles of beverages infused with marijuana because they will lead to worse outcomes that would be the opposite of what was expected.  Tea, sodas and coffee are some of the beverages used to make marijuana edible drinks.

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