2019 Legal cannabis strains winners

Whether you were burning it in the summer or doing in in fall, you must have come across a variety of cannabis strains in 2019 go here for marijuana info A lot of states have legalized cannabis so far, and the rest should follow suit. Plenty of cannabis strains are in the offing for your shopping basket. As you enjoy your favorite joint, it may be of significance to you to take a look at the various options that have been favorites to many stoners and may interest you because of their popularity in 2019. Let’s cut the chase and take a look at some of the 2019 cannabis strain winners.
1.      Banana Punch Kush
Your summer could not have been complete if you didn’t have a taste of this blunt. It is a blend of purple punch and banana OG, which gives you that hazy tropical flavor you’ve been wondering about, which makes it an indica hybrid. Kush seeds are blended with pineapple and banana notes, which will give you that good-good feeling you are thirsting for. If you didn’t know, the banana punch has some pain-relieving effect and reduces muzzle inflammation. Please take note of the munchies and sleep that tags along with it. Thank me later for the heads up!
2.      Garlic cookie strain
Commonly termed as GMO cookie, this is also a highly indica hybrid as opposed to sativa. It has a 10% sativa, which makes it more of indica. The garlic cookie is infamous for its hard-hitting effect that lasts for almost four hours, making it a top winning strain in 2019. Most stoners appreciate the ecstasy effect it comes with. You’ll be laughing and happy with me the whole of next summer if you try it. All the best!
3.      OG Kush
You are not a stoner if you haven’t come across OG Kush. It is the most popular strain among all the strains, and every consumer has come across it at one point. Like my OG told me Ocean Growth Kush is common in most of the hoods because it just grows whatever that means. OG Kush has never missed the top least every year, making it accessible in 2019, too, and I’m sure even next year and the year after. OG Kush is dominantly indica also with a high THC which gives you that super psychoactive effect. 
4.      Lemonade strains Kush
As opposed to the stains above, Lemonade cannabis is a sativa dominant hybrid made up of real gorilla seeds. The strain has a delightful lemonade taste that gives you that summer nostalgia.
We cannot exhaust the cannabis strains. 2019 has seen a variety of legal cannabis that has been popular among the consumers. If you’ve been consuming one type, it is of significance to explore the different flavors and strains for more fun!